What is a Sound Journey?

A Sound Journey is an inner experience, unlike listening to a concert. People lie down, close their eyes and listen to the sounds of live instruments.

Sika has been offering Sound Journeys for over 25 years, making him one of the most experienced practitioners in the world. He's best-known for playing the didgeridoo, which has an ancient, grounding quality.

Participants often feel the vibration in their bodies, as Sika moves around the space while playing. He also uses unfamiliar instruments such as Māori Taonga Puoro, which can have haunting and unusual 'voices'. This adds to a sense of mystery and helps us drop into meditative, wordless states.

Sound Journeys are open to everyone - consider yourself welcome.

Thank you Sika. A friend asked me how it was the day after, and I had to think for a while.

I finally wrote: ‘A matrix of sound stripped of the last three thousand years. Unintrusive, gently visceral, humorous, masterful, spacious!'

Sika is a truly remarkable being. His music takes you to the depths of the universe and time itself.

His energy, musicianship, spiritual attunement and love are all wrapped together. He gifts to his audiences amazing journeys. Just go – and be bathed!

Listen to a recorded journey

You can view and buy all Sika's albums here.

Sound Journey FAQ

In this section we've tried to answer some of the common questions about Sound Journeys, what to bring and what to expect.

If you'd like to know more, why not come along to an event?

What should I bring?

It depends on the venue, but in most cases you should bring along a blanket, plus your own yoga or sleeping mat to lie on.

It's good to wear layered clothing, so you can get your temperature right. This said, the less fabric the better, as it absorbs the vibration of the sound. Ideally, avoid crinkly, synthetic fabrics too, as these tend to be a bit noisy. Eye masks are totally optional.

And remember, while most people choose to lie down, chairs are usually available too. It's your journey, so if you feel an urge to move or stand up, go for it! Just be considerate.

Is a sound journey the same as a sound bath?

Sika’s sound journeys are a shamanic style of sound bath. Like most gong baths and sound baths, people lie down and relax to beautiful sounds. But the sound journey really is a ‘journey’.

The instruments guide you wordlessly into powerful inner states. Some people perceive visions, colours and memories. Others gain clarity and new ideas. Many set an intention or ask for guidance. It is a deeply personal experience and your experience will vary each time.

A sound journey can be a natural next step for people who already go to sound baths and wish to deepen their experience beyond relaxation. Equally, others have never even heard of a sound bath and come out of sheer curiosity.

Which instruments does Sika play?

Sika plays intuitively from his beloved collection of natural instruments.

This generally includes several different kinds of didgeridoo, drums, native flutes, rattles and Maori Taonga Puoro. He might also use leaves, stones and shells alongside field recordings from the Australian and new Zealand bush. Sometimes also voice and breath.

Sika is recognised by significant Maori, Native American and Aboriginal elders, including the Yuin tribe of South Australia. He is humbled to share their instruments with people around the world.

Where do Sound Journeys take place?

The quick answer is: Anywhere.

Sika plays at a range of venues each year, including plenty of festival stages and marquees. He also offers private events and one-day workshops; generally choosing spaces which are tranquil and accessible, have good acoustics and feel conducive to deep relaxation. It is also an honour to play at sacred sites which feel connected to the earth - such as stone circles like Stonehenge and Avebury. Yoga centres are increasingly inviting sound healing into their spaces.

In terms of location, Sika plays in New Zealand and the UK. He has also toured Australia, North America and Europe.