Introducing Sika Sound Journeys

Attending a Sound Journey is a deeply relaxing and inward experience.

Strong and rhythmic, haunting and ethereal, Sika’s ancient sounds transport you to a different place and time.

There is something enchanting about Sika’s Sound Journeys. He plays intuitively, sensing into the energy of the space. While the instruments are amplified, he also moves around the room. You may feel a swoosh of air on your skin or the vibration of a didjeridoo above your body.

With his gentle presence, Sika creates a safe space to journey inward. It’s so simple, yet feels sacred.

Listen to a recorded journey

You can view and buy all Sika's albums here.

Sound Journey UK Tour 2018

Sika plays at a wide range of festivals and venues each year - from Stonehenge to the World Yoga Festival.

Why not book a private sound journey?

Sika welcomes booking enquiries and often plays for private groups, gatherings and yoga studios.


Thank you Sika. A friend asked me how it was the day after, and I had to think for a while.

I finally wrote: ‘A matrix of sound stripped of the last three thousand years. Unintrusive, gently visceral, humorous, masterful, spacious!'

Sika is a truly remarkable being. His music takes you to the depths of the universe and time itself.

His energy, musicianship, spiritual attunement and love are all wrapped together. He gifts to his audiences amazing journeys. Just go – and be bathed!

What should I bring?

It depends on the venue, but in most cases you should bring along a blanket, plus your own yoga or sleeping mat to lie on.

It's good to wear layered clothing, so you can get your temperature right. This said, the less fabric the better, as it absorbs the vibration of the sound. Ideally, avoid crinkly, synthetic fabrics too, as these tend to be a bit noisy. Eye masks are totally optional.

And remember, while most people choose to lie down, chairs are usually available too. It's your journey, so if you feel an urge to move or stand up, go for it! Just be considerate.

Which instruments does Sika play?

Sika plays intuitively from his beloved collection of natural instruments. This includes didjeridoo, drums, native flutes, rattles and taonga puoro. He might also use leaves, stones and shells.

He is recognised by significant Maori, Native American and Aboriginal elders, including the Yuin tribe of South Australia.

Is a sound journey the same as a sound bath?

Sika’s sound journeys are a shamanic style of sound bath. Like most gong baths and sound baths, people lie down and relax to beautiful sounds. But the sound journey really is a ‘journey’.

The instruments guide you wordlessly into powerful inner states. Some people perceive visions, colours and memories. Others gain clarity and new ideas. Many set an intention or ask for guidance. It is a deeply personal experience and your experience will vary each time.

A sound journey can be a natural next step for people who already go to sound baths and wish to deepen their experience beyond relaxation. Equally, others have never even heard of a sound bath and come out of sheer curiosity.

2 thoughts on “Sound Journeys

  • May 21, 2018 at 9:51 am

    Experiemced a sound journey with Sika at Quest a few years ago. Wonderful experience and will definitely go again when I get chance. Also bought cd’s to carry on exploration at home. Though not quite the same, still brings the magic of Sika into my lfe.

    • May 21, 2018 at 8:53 pm

      Hi Heather, thanks for your comment. Were you in the Quest Sound Journey when it rained hard on the marquee full of lying down people and we could hardly hear the instruments for about two minutes? I remember it stopped as suddenly as it started, leaving the feeling of having been cleansed by nature… all in the flow and part of the sounds of the Sound Journey.
      Indeed, the CDs are a powerful experience to give yourself. In the comfort of your own home, creating space to go within and reconnect with source, is so important.


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