Praful & Sika
Sky meets Earth!
The music of Praful (Germany) on Saxaphone and Bansuri Flutes, together with Sika (NZ/UK),on Didjeridoo, percussion & native flutes spans from the heavens, deep into the earth.
Praful & Sika met in 2010 during Praful’s first visit to New Zealand — their instant friendship and creative synergy is obvious both in the recording studio and on stage. Since then, they have played several concerts together in Europe.
The recent release of the duo’s first album,‘Quintessence’ has been ground breaking in the way they have crossed musical genres.
It’s Jazz/Tribal fusion and use of retro-analogue synths, gives a new and refreshing take on Didjeridoo influenced music.
An exciting and new live sound.

With outrageous Bansuri Flute and Sax, that have the tendency to make one’s hair stand on end, plus Didjeridoo sections that regularly lead to deep emotional out bursts…this project carries a whole heap of Mana!

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