"I have been a painter my whole life, it’s my passion. I paint from my subconscious mind, using colour and form to say something about the way I see the world.

I often paint with ceremony and prayer.
Burning sage.
Visioning in meditation.
Dreaming whilst playing music.

I'm not limited to one style or one medium. I pick up a brush and tell the story of my heart. The journey is the subject. Sometimes it feels like a dance with attachment. Only by letting go of what was just painted can I reach the place where the painting is finished."

A life-long love of art

Fewer people know Sika as a painter, although his love for fine art came long before he met the didgeridoo. He received his BA Hons in Photography alongside studying classical illustration and fine art painting techniques, often working figuratively and with watercolour. In the decades that followed, music took centre stage and art became a private passion.

In 2017 Sika began exhibiting publicly and selling his artwork again.Sika is currently painting abstracts and landscapes. He's working in oil on canvas, using mixed media to lend a sculptural feel. Often he mixes plaster and with powdered pounamu - New Zealand's sacred greenstone/jade.

Every creation is a deeply personal process.

Sika now sells prints of selected artworks as well as his original paintings.

Installation: Paint, Stone & Sound

For the first time, Sika's work with sound is moving into the gallery.

His installation in the Bank Gallery in Takaka, New Zealand, in January 2018 included audio recordings, touchstones and wood to create a multi-sensory experience. An exciting new chapter is unfolding.

A few snapshots

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