Online 1-1 Sound Journeys with Sika

I'm currently offering online private sessions from my home in the South Island of New Zealand.

While I've given hundreds of 1-1 journeys in my lifetime, I've focused largely on group work in recent years. But the postponement of my summer events and workshops has gifted me a wonderful opportunity to return to this deep, rewarding work.

Only this time, I'm doing it through the magic of online video!

What happens during a 1-1 Sound Journey?

Each one is different, however the intention of every Sound Journey is to seek vision. It is a way to see what is needed. A way to help live an empowered, balanced life. I aim to offer a gentle, supportive presence for your inner enquiry.

We meet together via video call. I'll listen to what is going on for you and create a tailored shamanic journey.

  • We begin and end with sharing together, both talking and sharing meditative silence.
  • I usually play live for about 30 minutes, mixing layers of instruments with other sounds such as nature recordings. I create a bespoke journey that draws upon my whole quiver of instruments, including didgeridoo, flute, Maori Taonga pūoro, leaves, shells, stones and so on!
  • People usually lie down for the sound journey itself, though you can remain seated if preferred.
  • Practice makes it easier to slip between the worlds. I always recommend journeying as regularly as possible, dropping deeper into the unfurling mystery, just as our ancestors have done since the beginning of time.


  • 1-1 sessions are one hour long.
  • We can schedule a one-off meeting or commit to a series at a set time every week.
  • If you're in the UK, most 1-1 sessions will be held in the morning or evening.
  • We meet via Zoom. This simple online platform is free to use and will need to be downloaded onto your computer/smartphone before our session. I'll send details and can help you with this.


  • You will need a comfortable place to sit, plus space to lie down during the Sound Journey itself. I suggest you prepare your space with a yoga mat, cushion and blankets.
  • Headphones usually offer superb sound and listening. If you prefer speakers, I suggest placing your head in the middle between a pair of them. Close your eyes and surrender to the dreaming.
  • A notebook is also recommended to write or draw your experiences. You may get insights or visions after the session too.

How to book?

  • Please contact me via the below form, or send a message on Facebook.
  • Cost is a sliding scale from £45 - £75. You choose what you're able to pay.
  • Payment is made via PayPal or bank transfer.

Also let me know if you have any questions. I'll typically get back to you within 24 hours.

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    It is an honour to be of service in this way, to play these instruments and walk this path. Thank you for being part of this sacred journey.