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A relevant album plus a sample of videos which convey different aspects of Sika's work as a sound artist, in support of his proposal for Moss & Metal: A Sense of Place

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Shapes in the Silence

Introducing Sika's 2018 album 'Shapes in the Silence'. Each track is a different elemental soundscape, using a variety of instruments as well as field recordings from 'natural' environments.

Cave of visions

A performance filmed in Rawhiti cave, also in Golden Bay, New Zealand. This video achieved 45,300 video views on Facebook.

Beautiful natural places like this have been Sika's focus historically. This is what makes the idea of recording and painting man-made environments such a radical and exciting shift for him as an artist.

Sounds from New Zealand #5 (Lockdown sounds)

In the fifth week of the Covid-19 lockdown, Sika created a composition using sounds recorded in and around his home. This experience became part of the inspiration for the proposed artwork, Moss & Metal.

This video gives a taste of the creative process as well as the resultant soundscape.

A sample of public feedback is included here to convey the audience experience, which is so pertinent to this proposal. It seemed to give them a valuable new perspective and appreciation for everyday environments:

  • 'This is so cool Sika ! I’ve been feeling v flat recently & watching you with the household stuff made me smile 😊 It’s made mundane household chores now a musical fest. I’m hearing sound in everything that I’m doing. I loved the little birds guest appearance. I think you picked a good time to show that our homes are filled with amazing sounds everyday. Thank you. Much love πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ xx'(Christine Gatehouse)
  • 'Just amazing Sika Rose! I love how through the sound you express the music and symphony of LIFE.......How we can find magic and wonder, perfection and harmony in the simple things, the most overlooked. Thank you <3' (Debora O'Callaghan)
  • 'Amazing - thank you. I've been struggling a bit during lock down to stop, be still, meditate & this has helped - I felt a lot more calm & peaceful by the end. I listened to it (without watching the video) first with earphones & allowed myself to settle & also allow my curiosity to wonder what the various sounds were created from, then I watched it through which allowed me to hear some more subtle sounds I missed the first time around. Makes me wonder what objects around my house have musical potential...' (Marcus Clark)
  • 'So LOVe this lockdown sound genius play and experimentation weave, feels like such a joy to do and indeed has been to witness and absorb. Thank you for your innovative spirit and creative sonic observations.. gonna go around tapping and strumming household objects now.. reckon this could inspire many - share on.. (Clara Apollo)
  • 'Thanks Sika that was amazing what sound you can make from the things in your home πŸ’œ' (Gabi Annis Former Engelhardt)
  • 'You have such a gift, this is beautiful, fascinating and creative. Listened while watching, now going to close my eyes and listen again πŸ™' (Marina Martland)
  • 'Omg I was just feeling on the edge overwhelmed and you came up on facebook lovely to hear your story and the sound journey was brilliant .. kinda fun to try pick out the sounds also to let go and drift ... felt a strong connection that felt like putting me back together thankyou xx' (Anj Campbell)
  • 'Thankyou Sika. Loved this Sound journey. I am learning a new skill and it encouraged me to stretch myself and go a bit further.πŸ™πŸ”₯🌏🧑' (Vanessa Compton-Pierce)
  • 'I’m noticing as the lockdown continues and we are all getting deeper into it, we are, so to speak, losing the plot, and it’s wonderful. With all the constraints gone the mind has found a freedom that is there to explore with wonder and awe. It was awesome. Thank you. πŸ™' (Margaret Fomm)

This video achieved over 5,300 organic views from a single post on Facebook, including 109 shares, 233 reactions and 132 comments.

Sika 2019 public performances

This footage from Sika's 2019 live shows in New Zealand and the UK give a sense for the scale and diversity of both audiences and performance environments. Sika had planned to return to many of the same venues in 2020.

The making of Flute Journey

This video shares the creative process behind the 2019 album, Flute Journey. It marked his first foray into filming 'behind the scenes' of an album and sharing it with fans online. The intention for Moss & Metal is to take this process further, capturing video footage and photos throughout the process which can be used in a variety of digital content formats. These will be used for 'digital exhibition' as well as videos and stills to promote and share the artwork through social media, gallery outreach etc.

Sounds from New Zealand - episode #1

This video was Sika's first created during Covid-19 pandemic. It introduces many of his instruments, including voice and natural field recordings. On Facebook this video has so far achieved 6,300+ organic views, 142 shares, 203 reactions and 81 comments.