Experience the power of primordial sounds

Imagine for a moment…

A bunch of leaves whooshing through the sage infused air. A didjeridoo spiralling about the sacred space. The sound of the bullroarer opens a portal. Rocks, shells and feathers entice you further in. A Porotiti spins healing energy into your body. The heartbeat on a horse skin drum entrances your mind.

You leave time as you know it.

Shapes in the Silence



Sika’s latest album Shapes in the Silence is ideal for journeying, meditating and practising yoga. Each track is a unique soundscape evoking a different element.

It features Sika’s newest Māori instruments, known collectively as Taonga Pūoro or ‘singing treasures’. This includes the Pūtātara, an incredibly expressive conch with a crafted wooden mouthpiece. Also the voices of the Koauau – small simple flutes made of bone, wood and stone – alongside didjeridoos, drums and nature sounds recorded in New Zealand and Australia.

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An invitation to journey

Sika is an international pioneer of sound journey experiences.

He’s spent decades listening to the rhythms of nature. His beautiful, ancient instruments enable people to enter profound states of relaxation.

Everyone is welcome. Simply lie down and listen.