The Sound Journey

Connecting you to your Source of Power


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  Close your eyes and experience the power of primordial sound from a wide array of indigenous instruments

Didjeridoos, Drums, Flutes, Rattles and Natural objects like shells, wooden sticks, rocks and chimes; sometimes subtle ambient, synthesised, background soundscapes.

In between each part of the Journey, Sika will add to the experience by sharing earth-wisdom, teachings and personal stories, from life and the cultures he has experienced in over twenty years of travels around the world.

As the world changes so fast, the need to connect deeply with our inner gifts, is ever more important. This Sound Journey is powerful and deep! It enables you to move through obstacles within yourself, potentially invoking healing and profound transformations that can be carried forward into day-to-day life.

 “This music comes from a deep connection to Great Spirit. Working intuitively with inner guidance, my intention is to ‘get out of the way’ and let Spirit come through me”

Journey into altered states of consciousness, feel healing energy and connect with your true Source of Power. In this ceremony, Sika will play a dynamic fusion of instruments, close to and around your body. You will need to bring something to lie on (like a blanket, duvet or yoga mat.) Chairs may be available for those who would prefer to sit during the Sound Journey.

 These songs are offered as a ‘Spirit Canoe’ taking you gliding down the river of your own Dreaming.

“Thank you Sika. A friend asked me how it was the day after, and I had to think for a while. I finally wrote ‘a matrix of sound stripped of the last three thousand years, unintrusive, gently visceral, humorous, masterful, spacious.””Sika is a truly remarkable being. His music takes you to the depths of the universe and time itself. His energy, musicianship, spiritual attunement, and love are all wrapped together and he gifts to his audiences amazing journeys…just go..and be bathed …...”




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