The other side to Sika’s music is his live sets. Sometimes dancing and moving around the stage playing Didjeridoo, or playing the didj while drumming with his hands and feet, while backed by layers of loops, driving drum rhythms, flutes, percussion and sweeping ambient soundscapes, his performances are fun, dynamic and get the crowds moving.

A lifelong inspiration of groups such as Pink Floyd and Tangerine dream have led him on an exploration of electronic and sythesized sounds, merged with traditional instruments. As a result, his ‘Tribal Trance’ set, is constantly evolving; using live recorded loops and samples built up in layers.

Sika weaves all of his instruments together to create ambient atmospheres and dance grooves. His shows are for everyone and are definately not to be missed!

At the moment, he is creating a sound a light show to take people into the dreamtime on the dancefloor.

“A one man tribal jam”… Matiu Te Huki ex-Anika Moa & Fat Freddies Drop

“I’ve seen many excellent performers in my day, yet what touched me the most was how exquisitely Sika combined his acrobatically agile body movements with absolutely stunning matching rhythms and sounds he expertly percussed on the didgeridoo.

Watching and listening to his synergistic interplay of visual and vocal choreography was a true first for me, a truly command performance – the likes of which will bring any event to heights and depths of audience appreciation like none other.

Get in touch with this masterful musician, and enliven your next event as you’ve always dreamed possible with his penetrating presence.

You’ll be glad you did.” – Gary Wohlman PhD

Sika Didj