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Welcome to my dreamworld. Here is where I take you by the hand and lead you into some of the art forms I have created over a lifetime of being an artist.

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Ancient and contemporary music & art

to Journey into other realms.

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‘Orbs’ – Oil Paintings by Sika

Abstract Green Orb 1 copyRed Medicine Wheel


My collection of extraordinary instruments has great beauty and spiritual significance. Collected from around the world, they enable a bridge to be made, in a timeless union with nature.

Imagine for a moment…a bunch of leaves whooshing through the Sage infused air, a Didjeridoo spiralling about the sacred space. The sound of the Bull-roarer opens a portal.

Rocks, shells and feathers entice you further in. A Porotiti spins healing energy into your body. The heart beat on a horse skin drum, entrances your mind and you leave time as you know it. You have entered a magical realm where anything is possible.

Held in the gentle, nurturing cocoon of sound, we surrender to the ancient memories of Earth’s prehistoric past. Future insights into what lies ahead.

Revealing both an individual Dreaming and a collective one.


This visualisation will give you some insight into what to expect from my Concerts and Sound Journeys….and yes, they are quite different from each other!

CONCERTS tend to be a more outward performance. Visually stimulating and often energetic enough to dance to.

SOUND JOURNEYS are a deep inner experience, of spiritual significance. People often have profound healing shifts.


Inspired by the magical realm of Elementals (nature spirits), this album is an artistic collaboration of musical genres. Retro analogue synths merging with Flutes, chilled Jazz Saxophone and Electro-Tribal rhythms on Didjeridoo. Fresh expressions of music to move and inspire you. The entire album is an Ode to the invisible nature spirits (Elementals) that dwell in every living creature and animate the 5 Elements Air, water, earth, Fire and Ether.

Online Purchase available Here:

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Also, available now for the first time on CD, completely re-mixed and re-mastered with three brand new songs that I recently recorded while on tour in England this year.

Wiracocha is a rich and uplifting composition of Didjeridoo, Pan Pipes, Ocarinas, Flutes, Kalimba, Birimbau & Nature Sounds.  

Ideal for bodywork and massage, yoga, and children will especially love the intricate and playful sounds of the forest creatures.

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